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Mid-City Corridor
Segment A-2: 26th/Cicero to Midway/59th
Corridor Demographics/Characteristics:

Segment A2

The southern extension of the Mid-City Line connects Cicero with Midway Airport, tying together medium and low density blue collar and middle class communities on the West and Southwest Sides, consisting largely of single-family residences and two-flats. Again, it utilizes the Chicago Belt Line Railway over most of its length.

This extension creates an important link between the two major regional airports, and provides improved access for the service-related jobs in the surrounding communities. The relatively wide spacing of stations reflects the lack of commercial and residential destinations due to the industrial nature of the corridor, plus the intersection of the also-industrial Chicago River South Branch corridor.

It again opens possibilities for new and vibrant communities along underutilized “brownfield” sites in the adjacent industrial corridor, and a southerly extension of the open space corridor described under Segment A-1.
Alignment Description

From 26th/Cicero, the alignment heads in a southeasterly direction in bored tunnel, joining the Belt Line Railway on an elevated embankment just north of 31st St.  It maintains this alignment until joining the Orange Line alignment, and terminating at the Orange Line’s 59th/Midway station adjacent to the Midway Airport Terminal.

Stations and System Connectivity
  • 43rd St. - transfer to Metra Heritage Division (new commuter station required). Possible major Park-and-Ride adjacent to Stevenson Expressway. Potential connection to future “greenbelt” recreational corridor adjacent to South Branch. (This station is optional).
  • 47th St.
  • Archer Ave.
  • Midway/59th – Transfer to Orange Line. Future extension to 71st/Cottage Grove.
Independent Utility and Operations:

Possibly – line segment offers marginal utility without Segment A1.

Ridership Potential:

Coming Soon!

Economic Development Potential:

Coming Soon!

Recreational and Cultural Opportunities:

Coming Soon!


Environmental Studies/Preliminary Engineering:
Final Design:

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