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Lawrence/Lakefront/South Shore Corridor
Segment B-1: Wilson Transfer to Wilson/Red Line
Segment B1
Corridor Demographics/Characteristics:
The corridor is highly favorable to a major rapid transit investment. Residential densities along much of the corridor are among the highest in the city, with contiguous areas of 3-flats surrounding neighborhood-oriented commercial development along Lawrence Avenue, and high-rise development along the lakefront. The Lawrence Avenue corridor is ethnically diverse, with large populations of Koreans, Pakistanis and several other groups, many with a high proclivity to use transit. The Lakefront corridor contains the highest residential densities in the city, with higher incomes but also with chronic parking shortages and typically congested express buses along Sheridan/Lake Short Drive.
Alignment Description

From Wilson Transfer, the alignment immediately diverges from the existing Blue Line alignment in the Kennedy Expressway median, entering a new deep bored tunnel subway tunnel beneath Sunnyside Avenue, Kennicott Ave, and either bored tunnel or cut/cover along Lawrence Avenue, turning southeast at Kimball to join the Brown Line right-of-way beneath the existing surface alignment and elevated structure.  East of Wolcott Ave. the subway diverges from the Brown Line, and east of Ravenswood Avenue enters the Wilson Avenue right-of-way, where it continues in subway to Wilson (Red Line).
Just east of Kimball station, a connector is proposed beneath the site of the Brown Line’s Kimball Yards.  This could possibly allow designated Brown Line Trains to interline with the Lawrence line segment west of Kimball, and will also offer mid-day storage at Kimball Yards for Lawrence/Lakefront trains.

Note that Brown Line service and stations (with their close spacing and neighborhood serving character) are proposed to remain intact, and to continue functioning as a “local” service to the Ravenswood and East Albany Park neighborhoods This will allow greater spacing of new subway stations in effect creating “semi-express” service.
Stations and System Connectivity
  • Wilson Transfer - major intermodal transfer with Blue Line (share track/platforms with Blue Line trains; potential future track/platform expansion would allow timed transfer to Blue Line); transfer with Mid-City Line; transfer with future Devon/Cicero Line.
  • Pulaski/Lawrence
  • Kimball/Lawrence – transfer with Brown Line, possible 4-track platform for Brown Line “through” service.  Note the existing at-grade Kimball platform will remain for “short-turning” Brown Line trains. Transfer with future Kimball Avenue Line.
  • Lincoln Square (Western) – transfer with Brown Line, future Western Avenue LRT line.
  • Ravenswood – transfer with Metra UP North Ravenswood Station.
  • Wilson (Red Line)– stub-end terminal, major intermodal transfer with Red Line. Possible interline with Red Line; future extension to Lake Shore subway.
Independent Utility and Operations:

Yes – line segment can either be interlined as follows:

  1. With Red Line on east end (to downtown);
  2. With Blue Line on west end (to O’Hare).
Ridership Potential:

Coming Soon!

Economic Development Potential:

Coming Soon!

Recreational and Cultural Opportunities:

Major attractions/generators along route:

  1. Ethnic Asian and Arabic communities along West Lawrence Avenue corridor.
  2. Ravenswood/Ravenswood Manor Historic District
  3. Lincoln Square “New Greek Town”/Entertainment District
  4. Uptown Entertainment District/Aragon Ballroom

Environmental Studies/Preliminary Engineering:
Final Design:

Segment B2
Segment B3
Segment B4

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