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Welcome to CTI Associates

CTI Associates provides multi-disciplinary technical expertise to public works and transit agencies, helping to conceptualize and implement projects of a wide range of sizes and complexity. Our mission is to assist agency staff through planning and conceptualization of major projects, allowing the agency to more efficiently focus its internal resources on critical activities.


CTI Associates is unique in meeting the special needs of public works and transit agencies by molding its operation to the agency’s particular process and workflow. Often we seamlessly “package” our services by forming partnering arrangements within our established network of trusted associates, or by bringing specific expertise on board for discrete tasks.

Our experience covers a range of projects and programs typically undertaken by public works clients. Click to see our range of services.


CTI works on many different functional levels, but specializes in the “front-end” work needed to help agencies conceptualize and set up projects or programs in the development phase. Among the workflow structures we deploy for public agency clients are:

  • The “front-end team” formation, assigning one or two key associates to a project or program in the initiation phase, specifically to establish program and project controls aspects (small to large projects).
  • The “as-needed team” formation, assembling just the right team size and discipline mix for the job (small to medium-large projects).
  • The "defined needs" formation, as a technical partcipant of an established multi-firm team, providing specific expertise to suit the project or program (medium to large projects).


  • We bring a positive attitude to all assignments, always willing to go “the extra mile”.
  • We enthusiastically support environmentally sound and sustainable projects.
  • We have access to an extraordinary range of cross-disciplinary skills.
  • Our vision of the future is progressive yet realistic, as evidenced by our experience and skill set.
  • We offer several decades of planning/engineering experience on transit/pedestrian projects through all planning/design phases, with construction dollar values from under $ Million to over $4 Billion.
  • Our management framework capitalizes on our industry-recognized coordination and communication skills, and ability to provide seamless follow-through on all aspects of a project.
  • We achieve results for our clients.
  • We maintain an extensive and effective network of planning and technical resources to help us help you.

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CTI Associates

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